Applied for the second time will I get any consideration and time?

I have reapplied for my education resides the first time they rejected due to finance issue and so also wanted to know when we applied for the second time will I get any consideration and time?

Ans: What’s going to happen is up or there's no special consideration as such for people by the virtue of the fact that you know we have equal trifle with the immigration of Zealand and we are able to you know or exert a little bit of very gentle pressure sometimes and sigh hey you know look though it's coming to the point of you know no return for this young person to be in New Zealand so we will be able to you know exert a little bit of pressure but don't worry too much the I'm very pleased to not notice in fact just I think what a couple of days ago I wrote an email to the head of immigration who hates the Mumbai branch and you know I actually was congratulating her and saying it looks like you're not the processing time sure I have really improved dramatically from the start of the year when there was a bit of a backlog so yeah I think overall you should find it and don't worry too much we're here to take care of you and as in the vendor is getting closer to the start date and if there's still no outcome just put some pressure on your case officer inside AJV and then we will well you know kind of try and exert some pressure onto the Immigration Department as well.