Criteria to apply for SMC residence?

As per latest updates and score skill level is not going to be considered from July I've done masters of business level nine does it mean some raise only criteria to apply for SMC residence?

Ans : Pretty much I think scrubbing of the answer I think is actually a good move because sometimes you know the weeds are officers and immigration officers can get stuck in the details of what the Ensconce says but I think somebody is begin to see you know this whole entire thing from a much broader perspective and I think they're kind of not linking it more and more to be the remuneration rather than the of the description or because they might be a guy who's employed as a general manager but only again everything in is you know think in his job profile might also match everything that is put in man school you know the code but sometimes I might not be able to maybe making same amount of money as a programmer for instance so yeah that's what is going to happen so whenever you're ready to apply for your SNC I strongly recommend it give us a call those are numbers the numbers to call us in New Zealand and in India New Zealand and India both the places we have a toll-free number and I strongly recommend that you get in touch with the office which is in your time zone so if you're based in India get in touch with our Indian team on the toll-free number which is on this board here if you're based in New Zealand give us a call between work hours here in New Zealand on our toll-free number.