Does graduate diploma courses will create problem when it comes to immigration design approvals time?

Graduate diploma courses are not related to my work experience its software developer and maintenance kind of studies so again it will create a problem right when it comes to immigration design approvals time?

Ans: I have to look at what suggestions have been made to you by my team so we will discuss this team please make a note of this particular case and discuss with me after this well this session is done because obviously rain is key to do this but since it's not able to get into postgraduate diploma his wondering what will happen but bear in mind a gratuity for my software is not very dissimilar from Telecom because of telecom at the end of the days what is software so you know it is called information and communications technology ICT and telecom is a subject of this ICT release so there isn't a problem as such so if you do graduate diploma and you know in IT and then get a job in Telecom there is a clear and direct link it is a technical subject software which is getting into a technical job like Telecom so there will be a clear and I as a licensed integration adviser, I can say quite clearly that they'll be able to build the case together for you but you know what like I said I'm going to if it is a software development or setup the ideal which is a good thing actually because you're not only have your telecom background but then you're adding software development skill to it as well so you now can actually seek jobs in both directions either in telecom or you can see curve or job in software development but in like I said as a licensed immigration adviser I can see that you know software and telecom are very closely related and practically married to each other so immigration officers will not have a problem about that Plus bear in mind you know both these areas telecom, as well as software, are both in the long term skill shortage list so which means you know immigration officers will tend to give a certain voltage when looking at applications like that.