Planning to take post graduate in logistics machine?

Having seven years’ experience in supply chain management planning to take postgraduate in logistics machine and NIT Nelson has this course so suppose I purchase again MIT like but not Sin City job part-time and SEM related full-time job opposite?

Ans: Nelson is very good so quite a lot of our students are already there a couple of them are extremely helpful don't worry about the part-time one there is plenty of part-time work across New Zealand even smallest of cities no problems from Nelson strongly recommend NIT very good institution good outcomes and should you get your wife after you complete your course and you get married of course you should you know because once you finish your course and you apply for your post-study work with Russia but of course, be eligible for up and we have some people in our the team who are absolute experts on now on the partnership leaders so don't you worry about it we'll get you and your wife together whenever you get married.


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