Unconditional offer from Waikato v/s AUT University?

Received unconditional offer from Waikato as well as the AUT University?

Ans : Like I said they're all very good in a university institutions I'm obviously a little biased towards Hamilton so maybe you need to wait for the offer from University of Waikato and come to Hamilton because you know I love to have my students around here is now Hamilton as much as possible and be good opportunities here in Hamilton as well and just from your name I'm thinking you're a cricket player so which means that you can come and join the AJV must only fear if I must but otherwise you know if you really don't want to wait and you want to get started you don't take is a very good institution and it's had fantastic outcomes rich so no problems with any of those so your call really whether you want to wait or you want to just get started you want to don't waste any more time just go for it.