The Business of Sports Management

"If sport is your passion then sport management is the right career options for you."

Growing Market Opportunities

The sports & recreation industry market valuation is forecasted to grow at CAGR 5.5% - 6.1% by 2022 to nearly $614 billion per industry research reports. It is not rocket science to understand how rapidly the sports industry is growing to create a significant number of employment opportunities. The internet boom has expanded the reach & activities of the sports industry to even more boundless possibilities of opportunities.

Sports Management as the Right Career Path

Sports Management is one of the most exciting & promising careers in the sports industry. It includes almost every business aspect of sports & recreation like planning, organizing, managing, marketing, finance &, etc. In other words, sports management is what keeps the industry alive. The demand to hire professionals with sports management degrees is higher than ever.

The Masters in Sports & Recreation Management Degree program educates students on different subjects like market insights, critical thinking, a broad set of skills, concepts, marketing & managing, finance, etc. This ensures the better application of business & marketing techniques to sports activities with good outcomes. Students enjoy in-depth knowledge, study experience & learning opportunity which makes it easy for them to align their passion with a profession. The career outcomes are also rewarding with a better paying high-level job positions offered.

Lincoln University of New Zealand, one of the leading institutes offers a specialized course in
“Masters in Sports & Recreation Management”. Being one of the well-known universities in the world it provides a perfect Launch-pad for a sports management career.

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